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Telecommunication solutions

Mazma works with mobile telecom operators and distributors around the world, to provide a range of solutions allowing individuals to add mobile airtime minutes via a retailer’s Point of Sale (POS) terminal or Electronic Cash Register (ECR), at the ATM, over the Internet or directly through their mobile phone. Depending on a customer’s location, they can buy an e-voucher, perform a direct payment or buy a ticket:

Mazma- eVoucher The mazma e-Voucher solution enables mobile operators to distribute mobile recharges electronically at the points of sale. E-Vouchers are delivered with a personal identification number (PIN) allowing customers to activate their airtime through the Mazma platform.

Mazma e-Top-up Electronic top-up allows the crediting of prepaid accounts through various electronic means using a POS terminal. Electronic top-up shows several advantages: No cost for creation, distribution and management of a physical card and no risk of fraud or theft. The distribution of PINs occurs through an electronic connection with the POS terminal where the customer pays the retailer once the transaction is completed.

Mazma Bill payment and Fines an integrated solution allowing point of sales to propose bill payment for many services (phone bills, electricity, insurance…) and fines payment to their customers.

Mazma Transportation & parking an interface between transportation companies or parking and the distribution channel allowing the customer pay transportation fees or parking.

Mazma Money transfer an interface allowing distribution channel to collect payments from different financial services companies.

Prepaid mobile airtime transaction processing As a hosted solution, the Mazma platform allows retailers, wholesalers and phone operators to focus on their core business backed up by the confidence of a partnership with the world’s leading prepaid processor.

Mazma Applications & ticketing

an integrated solution allowing point of sales to propose recharging different online products and services (iTunes, Google Play, Nintendo, XBOX, Amazon, Facebook) and event tickets (Cultural and Sporting) to their customers.


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